Microsoft : xCloud, the future of the Xbox and a new controller Elite

It’s tradition, Microsoft has opened the dance of the E3, the large room on the video game of Los Angeles with under the arm a slew of new features. Outside of games for Xbox, the publisher has revealed the date of launch, in beta of its streaming service xCloud : this will be for the month of October.

There are two strands to this project. The first is the streaming from the servers of Microsoft ; the second, and it is this which has been the subject of an announcement this night, it is the ability to stream his games from his own Xbox One.

The console will become a personal server on which you access with a mobile device to play the latest blockbusters (although they are present in the library of the player), as well as to the securities available in the Xbox Game Pass.

The principle is similar to that offered by Sony with the service, PlayStation Remote Play, which is available on iOS. Microsoft has not specified whether the platform Apple will be of the feast, but we can bet that yes, without too much risk to be mistaken. The editor indicates that the function of streaming from the Xbox One will be free.

For what concerns the streaming service in the cloud, Microsoft has nothing announced on this side, it is rather unfortunate knowing that Google has said all of its Stadia last week (read : Google sets prices and games on the Stadia).

Now that the controllers for Xbox and PlayStation have the right to citizenship on iOS and tvOS, it will be necessary to look a little more closely at this market ! Of course, Apple has not mentioned the support of the controllers Bluetooth DualShock 4 and Xbox One X/S (read : Controllers, PS4 and Xbox One S on iOS 13, and Apple TV : make your games !).

But it is possible that future controllers from Sony and Microsoft will be compatible with our platform. It is hoped at least for theXbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, a new version of the Elite that integrates the Bluetooth and, for good measure, a USB port-C. The built-in battery is good for 40 hours of game play.

The controller has been completely reinvented, boasts Microsoft, which has developed new sticks adjustable, a better grip for the triggers and improvements in all sense, so that the fly each time. All this has a price : it will, in fact, pay 179,99 € from 4 November to enjoy it. Before cracking, it will also learn more about the iOS compatibility.

Microsoft has finally taken the opportunity to lift the veil on the future of the Xbox. Despite the streaming will take off, as the good old boxes are always the shore ! Last April, Sony gave the first details on the PlayStation 5, which means that the console wars will continue for a few more years.

The project, Scarlett will be the future Xbox premium Microsoft. At the heart of the device : a processor that is based on the Zen 2 and the Navi from AMD, a GPU based on the architecture RDNA Radeon from AMD, as well as the RAM GDDR6. Microsoft promises a console that is ” four times more power than the Xbox One X “, with the support of the 8K, a framerate pushing up to 120 i/o, the ray-tracing and the supported refresh rate variable.

Like Sony, Microsoft will use an SSD (a ” new generation of SSD used as virtual RAM, according to an engineer) to speed up loading times, up to 40x. A lot of similarities with the future PlayStation 5 so that it also relies on an AMD platform (Ryzen, in this case) and will provide roughly the same capabilities.

Microsoft would have a second model that is less powerful but more affordable in the pipes, the equivalent of the Xbox One’s (or the most recent version without optical drive) in some way, dedicated to the game in the cloud. We will have news of this little world by Christmas 2020, because it is the window of launch of the project, Scarlett.