MovieSwiftUI, a full app to discover SwiftUI

You develop iOS apps or macOS and you want to discover SwiftUI, the new ui framework that Apple introduced at WWDC and is expected to represent the track queen in the future ? MovieSwiftUI should be able to help you : this GitHub project created by a developer French is an app for iOS and macOS functional, realized exclusively with the help of this framework.

This is probably the most complete example to date and the goal of this developer is precisely to see everything that can be done exclusively with SwiftUI. The project gets more complex by the day, and you can follow its development via the Twitter account of Thomas Ricouard, its creator. It also intends to update it as and to the extent that Apple enriches the framework. A version tvOS is also expected, since SwiftUI is also compatible with this platform.

The source code of the app is fully available on GitHub, which you can consult to learn the proper techniques and repeat them in your own apps. And like any open-source project, you can also contribute by opening an issue (to report a bug or suggest a feature) or a pull-request (propose a change to the code).

You’ll need a Mac running macOS Catalina and the beta of Xcode 11 to compile the app with all the functions of SwiftUI. And for more information on the framework, (re)read our articles on the subject :