Mozilla has announced a paid version of Firefox for October

Points we to a world where the internet browsers will be paid ? A priori, not even if some demanding users may, in the future, bring their choices to the tender premium of browser offering additional features, on a subscription basis.

That is the choice that should borrow Firefox. The famous browser to the mascot rusty will soon decline in a premium version, according to Chris Beard, the executive director of Mozilla. In an interview for the media German T3N, Beard stated that his teams were currently working on a paid version of Firefox, including the launch date is already set for the month of October.

This premium version of Firefox equipped with features safe practices as a system of storage in the secure cloud, or even a built-in VPN that is capable of detecting the use and stop if necessary, as in the case where a user wishes to make a purchase online, and then continue surfing incognito subsequently.

For users of the current version of the browser, don’t panic. The ceo of Mozilla has also indicated that the free version will always be available, and will remain, identical to the one we know today.

This offers pay-has not been detailed further, and no price had been discussed during the interview. However, while the premium version of Firefox should come with a VPN, we can now imagine a monthly subscription. The browser might as well turn more particularly on the protection of privacy. Moreover, by opting for a subscription-based service, Mozilla would provide a source of revenue, enabling it to further reduce its dependence on Google.