Murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, Ian Baliey condemned : his son relieved

Sentenced to twenty-five years of imprisonment, Ian Bailey was a neighbor of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. Known for his personality,”borderline“, and his acts of “domestic violence, it was quickly suspected by the irish police. Even though he has always proclaimed his innocence, the man had been one of the first on the scene of the crime and holder “of scratches significant” on the fore-arms, back, hands and forehead. He also had “many varied his use of the time” and knew that the victim was French even before the public revelation of the murder. Under the influence of alcohol, Ian Bailey had also admitted to numerous witnesses to be the perpetrator of the crime.

The French lawyer, Ian Bailey, Master Frank Buttimer, told AFP : “He is innocent (…) Our attorney general has decided long ago that it is like that (…) I hope that the irish courts will be consistent with their previous decisions to declare unlawful the application of the ruling and of the protect of an outcome to be unfair.

Currently, Ian Bailey (62 years old) still lives in Ireland. Absent during the trial, he was tried according to the procedure for the “default criminal” and therefore can not make call. If he is a prisoner or is arrested before the sentence is extinguished by prescription, the judgment of the court of assize will be cancelled and he will be retried, this time in his presence.

After the murder of Sophie, Daniel Toscan du Plantier remarried in 1998, with Mélita Nikolic, another passionate of the 7th art, with which he will have his last two children. Mélita Toscan du Plantier is now director of the international film Festival of Marrakech and producer of cinema. Daniel Toscan du Plantier died of a heart attack on February 11, 2003.