Mylène Farmer 2019 : A show of apocalyptic and gigantic U Arena

On 7 June 2019, Mylène Farmer began a residency in Paris at La Defense Arena (U arena). Announced October 1, 2018, this new show (Mylène Farmer 2019, for short) has been conceived and designed for this room, the largest in Europe, which can accommodate up to 40 000 people. On Wednesday, June 12, Purepeople was able to attend the fourth of the nine performances given by the star.

After the tour, Timeless 2013, Mylène Farmer sees big things for his return. As she had done with Before the shadow… in 2006, played only at Bercy (AccorHotels Arena), this new show is not intended to travel through France. Therefore, the team around the artist, in the first place, her producer Thierry Suc and her collaborator Laurent Boutonnat, was able to give free rein to his wildest ambitions. And he needed to live in this U Arena of over 55 000 m2. When one penetrates into it, the width of the scene is impressive.

All is light

No one will tell not of how Mylène Farmer arrives on the scene, it is one of the great delights of the fans to discover what magic the singer holds. The first song that she sang is very well chosen, Interstellar, this is the only hint we will give. From the very beginning of the show, Mylène Farmer and decor – screens that move to shove the bottom of the stage up to the ceiling, even well above the pit – live all of the space and the immensity of the place. We do lose sight, it is projected across to the four corners of the Arena. The musicians are also highlighted, and when we discover the new version of California, which has never been as sensual and organic, one is blown away by the care taken in the musical direction. A direction that may surprise (if not logical), galvanizing (as Long as it is fresh) and upset, obviously, when Mylène, accompanied by a simple keyboard, interprets this treasure ofInnamoramento.

The lights are dizzying. The costumes, obviously, have been imagined by Jean Paul Gaultier. Huge kudos for the playsuit navy stripes worn by Mylène Farmer in its interpretation of its classic non-infringement. Side setlist precisely, the singer draws with delight in its classic and resurrects many of the nuggets. She does not forget the great moments ofInterstellar and Disobedience, these two most recent albums : One day or another, Stolen Car, Sentimental, Rolling Stone , and the great tears that we offer one of the moments in the most funky and something to look forward to the evening.

Where Timeless 2013 was a spectacle pristine and futuristic, Mylène Farmer 2019 is a return to earth. A land scarred, post-apocalyptic. The star strolling in a city rundown including neon and fluorescent are nothing more than a memory. It delves into what remains of civilization, until all is engulfed by the flames.

If you don’t want to know too much, do not read what follows…

After a version is sensational in the title Fuck Them All (the first extract from the album Avant que l’ombre… in 2005), Mylène is back in a suit and a cape red for a last song. She chose The Clock, a as cult her second album (So am I… in 1988). This is a poem spectral Flowers of evil by Charles Baudelaire (as The reader on his last album), set to music by Laurent Boutonnat. If the room has can be vibrated more, it is that this song opened the first tour of Mylène Farmer in 1989. Thirty years after his first concert, the artist loop the loop in a staged breathtaking, and dramatic. She chants the verses of Baudelaire, while the Arena crashed. Soon the flames will devour all of the space and, without warning, Mylène evaporates…

Mylène Farmer is scheduled until June 22, and the latest places are available on the official website of the event.