Nabilla and Thomas : The date of their marriage disclosed

Since their meeting in 2013, Nabilla et Thomas Vergara experienced the different periods more or less agitated in their couple – two characters explosives bound by a love that seems as strong as their personalities, but today the serenity seems to be in order. To such A point that their “real” wedding is on its way…

Pregnant with her first child, Nabilla had shared a snapshot of her marriage with Thomas Vergara may 7, 2019. A ceremony very intimate , which had not lasted more than 45 minutes (and did cost only 220 euros). On his account Instagram, the beautiful Nabilla had posted a simple photo of her and her sweetheart Thomas with the inscription : “I said yes.

A little disappointed, the fans thought attending a big ceremony via the networks, social, as did Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault. But they can rest assured that a second marriage is well planned. Magali Berdah has revealed the information in the broadcast Key Not at My Post on June 7, 2019. Very simply, it announces : “a little info, their marriage will take place on may 30, 2020.” A bomb dropped by surprise on the plateau which has amazed all the guests.

This marriage happen then after the birth of their baby, expected in late 2019. Nabilla and Thomas had also confided that for the education of their baby, they preferred to settle in Dubai. In the issue of Paris Match, April 10, 2019, they explained : “With the arrival of the baby, we go and we moved to Dubai. There, the schools are excellent. Drugs, alcohol… it doesn’t exist. (…) We have already spotted a house with a piece of beach to us. And full of rooms. I think Livia (his grandmother) live with us.