Nabilla pregnant: her belly dressed in a dress Zara, who cracked his fans

Nabilla has become for some time a real influenceuse mode. His dressing room is now a source of inspiration for many young women, who fell in love with this new style. Moreover, Nabilla regularly posts photos of her looks. Immediately, the followers try to guess the brand of the parts. On June 8, 2019, Nabilla has published a new picture of a gorgeous white long dress. A subtle allusion to his future marriage with Thomas Vergara ?

Mix & Match successful

For this look, Nabilla has chosen a white gown with air and fluid. Composed of lace and small buttons, creating showcases his body of future mother. The followers are trying as always to look where to find this outfit. “Omg your dress !” Some fashionistas knowledgeable recognize quickly a summer dress Zara. “It is a Zara !”

Unfortunately, this famous creation is no longer available on the site, as it is out of stock. The fault in Nabilla, who knows ?

To accompany this dress, Nabilla chose a long cardigan fluffy as well as an iconic piece of the star Carrie Bradshaw : the bag Saddle Bag for Dior. Piece fetish of Carrie in the series Sex And The City, this bag is less cheap than other parts of this look. It costs the modest sum of € 2,300. In all cases, Nabilla evidence as to each of its publications that one can marry in style with cheap parts with parts that are more luxurious.

And to move the canister with style, Nabilla also knows how to get there. The proof of this ? Look…