Nagui (French speacker): “Don’t talk to me about my mom, it’s going to make me cry”

Married to Melanie Page since June 2010, the host nagui (French speacker) has become a reference in the television world French. On June 6, 2019, nagui (French speacker), however, has experienced a issue definitely not like the others… A candidate spoke to him about his mom disappeared. A meeting which has upset the host, which is usually very discreet about his private life.

I know things about you…

Emilie speaks to nagui (French speacker) in him, confident that she knows much more the facilitator that they may not be thinking… “I know things about you, “she said. Surprised and a little worried, nagui (French speacker) seeks to understand. “About what ? Give me a track and I’ll tell you if yes or not you can tell…” Emilie then responds : “your mom.”

Very touched, nagui (French speacker) listening intently. The candidate entrusts to know where he was taught by his mother, who was a professor of French at the lycée Lys Sainte Marie to Cannes. “I have friends who have had your mother as the teacher. It spun right with it, “said she.

Amused, nagui (French speacker) answers : “At home, it was spinning right.” He then tells a story very personal about his mother : “My sweet mom who is no longer there, when I was doing a show, Don’t forget your toothbrush, was a pure delusion, every time the show went on, I had mom on the phone the next day who told me ‘ridiculous’, but it is love.” Finally he said : “It touches me greatly that you were talking about my mom, it makes me warm to the heart.

Invited on the plateau of Thierry Ardisson in march 2017, nagui (French speacker) is expressed on the loss of his parents : “My parents have instilled values, values of respect, values of work, and it is true that they are no longer there, and it is true that I lack…”

A broadcast special that will leave a sweet memory in the heart of the facilitator of 57 years.