Netflix is experimenting with the scrolling “fashion Instagram” in its mobile app

The regulars of Netflix on mobile have noticed a slight change recently : the presence of a new tab called “Extras”, which aims to discover always more and more movies and series to users. The design of this new tab is largely inspired of Instagram : this is a list of trailers, descriptions and other information on the series, presented in the form of a scrolling list. Occasionally, the user will fall on a group of photos that it can scroll horizontally, according to the codes features of Instagram.

Promote an offer always more dense

The screenshots are for the moment locked in on the new tab Extras ©Netflix

The tab also offers the possibility to add a reminder or to share a series that seems promising on social networks or via message. Users will be able to take advantage of the auto playback (silent) during scrolling.

The Verge points out that this test comes after the announcement of the test mode to “Shuffle” in April. This function is intended for undecided or simply people out of inspiration, is supposed to offer the episodes in random play. The implementation of these features shows all the efforts of Netflix to not only produce astronomical amounts of content, but also to route all of these films and the series, to the user, who may soon no longer know where to give head in the abundant supply of the group.