Neymar accused of rape : Bruises on the complainant, who has changed his version

Monday 3 June 2019, Neymar received a visit from the police Granja Comary, training center of Brazil. The attacker, 27-year-old and his teammates are preparing for the Copa America, which begins June 15. During 45 minutes, the authorities of Rio de Janeiro have hoped to be able to take the testimony of the star of the PSG, accused of rape by a young woman he invited her to come join him in Paris in mid-may. The police came away empty-handed, asking that the player be heard on June 7th. The brazilian federation have, however, requested the postponement of the deposition to after the match Brazil-Honduras which is played on 9 June.

While the national press has a passion for this business, the news website UOL has unveiled the contents of the medical report made on may 21. It is recorded that the complainant had multiple hematomas localized at the level of the buttocks and legs, as well as gastric problems, weight loss, but also of post-traumatic symptoms.

At the same time, the first lawyers contacted by the young woman have sent a letter to TV Globo, in which they challenge the testimony of the complainant. The conquest of Neymar had first talked about a “relationship granted with Neymar” who, “during the sexual act, would have become violent, have attacked, what constitutes a fault for which he should be held responsible civilly and criminally“. Following these statements, the lawyer José Edgard Bueno has organized a meeting on may 29 to begin negotiations and reach a financial agreement. The representatives of Neymar have flatly refused, citing an attempted “extortion.” The complainant would have then insisted to continue the process, showing particularly pressing. His lawyers have then renounced his defence.

The young wife then hired another attorney to file this time a complaint for rape, not for assault. It was filed on may 31, at the police station in Santo Amaro (near São Paulo). “By anger or revenge, the facts as reported in the minutes report a rape, while she had claimed to have been a victim of aggression”, it is written in the letter of the law firm which stated that the alteration of the truth constitutes “a libel is punishable under the penal code.

Details on the organisation of the meeting in Paris

A character close to Neymar has played a key role in the encounter of the attacker paris with the young Brazilian. The Parisian is able to confirm that it is a referred to as Gallo, “a close friend of the clan Neymar” that “situ star brazilian since his early years at the club from Santos.” Installed in Brazil, Gallo is the one that is busy to buy the plane tickets for the contender of Neymar, allowing him to land in Paris on may 15 and leaving June 17.

Neymar and the young woman had got in touch via Instagram last march. They then continued their exchange on the application WhatsApp, before meeting on 15 may at the hotel Sofitel Arc de Triomphe.

To defend these serious allegations, Neymar has released a video on his page Instagram on the 1st of June last, removed since. The footballer did not stop there as he also unveiled several screenshots of the messages sent as well as photos. An objectionable action that could earn him up to five years in prison.