Neymar accused of rape : its conquest unpacks everything on tv in brazil !

Since the beginning of the case, Neymar rejects the charges of rape, pretending to be fell into a “trap“. A version was also supported by his father Neymar da Silva Sr. But the famous brazilian footballer of 27 years, is facing a new attack on the part of one who is accused of having raped in a hotel in paris located near the Arc de triomphe, in Paris, last may 15, the Sofitel.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019, the chain brazilian SBT aired an exclusive interview Najila Mendes de Souza, the model 26 years of age at the origin of the complaint. In front of the camera, her long blond hair pulled into a ponytail, the young woman confirmed his accusations. “Yes, I was a victim of rape. An assault followed by rape. I confirmed“, she responded from the outset, responding to the question, we can no longer direct the reporter : “Have you been the victim of a rape or an assault ?

My intent was to have a sexual relationship with him

Najila Mendes de Souza, who said studying the design in addition to engage in an activity model, is then returned to the circumstances of her meeting with Neymar. It is she that is in contact with the brazilian striker by sending him a message via Instagram. In addition to having obtained an answer, he was also asked for her phone number, which she provided. Discussions then continued on the application WhatsApp. “From the beginning, my intent was to have a sexual relationship with him. It was my will, and it was clear to him also“, she confessed, facing the camera, about the words translated by The Team.

The 15 may last, it has arrived in Paris, hosted by a Neymar aggressive. Najila Mendes de Souza has, nevertheless, chosen to stay. The young woman was then detailed their last night together : “We started kissing, until then it was going to, it was consented to. But then, he started me out gently. At the beginning, I said OK, but after, it made me hurt, so I said stop. He apologized, it was lying down, I asked him if he had condoms, he said no. Then I told him that it would not happen anything. He has not responded, we continued and then suddenly, he returned and committed the act. I asked him to stop. While he continued, he hit me in the ass violently. It lasted a few seconds, then I am withdrawn. I told him several times ‘stop, no, stop’“. In shock, Najila Mendes de Souza then went and sought refuge in the toilet of the hotel room. “It became rape when he told me that he didn’t have a condom (…). He had not the right to do this to me. It is at this time that I decided to do it justice. I want him to pay for what he has done“, she added.

The testimony of the young Brazilian is not the only element in the detriment of Neymar. A video showing Najila Mendes de Souza with the attacker of the PSG in the aftermath of the assault, was also unveiled. The sequence of a minute watch the young woman take on the footballer. “I’m going to hit you ! You know why ? Because thou hast attacked yesterday and you made me left alone“, him she says. This video has a total duration of seven minutes, was filmed at the initiative of Najila Mendes de Souza, in order to obtain evidence against Neymar. Information provided by Danilo Garcia de Andrade, the lawyer Najila Mendes de Souza, on the radio Globo1.