Neymar : His victim supposed to acknowledge his own lawyer to have it robbed

Between the end of the League of Nations, the women’s world Cup underway and the kick-the imminent Africa Cup and the Copa America, the planet, Football is at the party ! She trembled in the wake of the rape charge, of which Neymar is the subject. The lawyer for the victim supposed, Danilo Garcia, was removed from the file.

The info has fallen on Tuesday 11 June 2019. Danilo Garcia, lawyer, Najila Trindade, who has filed a complaint against Neymar Jr, is retiring from the folder. The supposed victim of assault and rape by the brazilian footballer is suspected of having participated in the burglary of his apartment. Danilo Garcia wished to, according to her, put a hand on a tablet containing a seven-minute video of Neymar Jr and his ex-client, and registered without the knowledge of the footballer.

She accuses me of claiming that the geolocation of the device tip into my office, explained the lawyer. My client has a position totally contrary to the ethics, common sense and the truth… I would love to have this tablet, I might as well give it to the police in order to use it to strengthen his condition of victim… But I give up, because the relationship between a lawyer and his client is based on trust, and in this case, I no longer trust. I hope that the truth will be established.” On 7 June 2019, Danilo Garcia had accompanied Najila Trindade at the police station in São Paulo. It had brought the complainant out, trying to protect her from the crowd of photographers present.

Before responding to this call, Najila had told his story to the television. The alleged perpetrator of the crime, Neymar Jr, promises to be fallen into a trap. To make matters worse, the no. 10 team of Brazil and PSG was injured in a friendly match against Qatar. He will not participate in the Copa America.