Neymar, the star of the PSG accused of rape : “It was a trap…”

The star of the PSG Neymar is accused of rape by a young woman. A complaint was filed in Sao Paulo. The AFP confirms the information first published on a brazilian site, Uol. According to him, the victim had stayed in Paris from 15 to 17 may 2019 − at the invitation of the football player, according to multiple sources − and has complained to his return to Brazil, waiting for her to do because she felt “emotionally shaken“. She accuses the star of the 27-year-old is to be shown “aggressive” and “use of violence for having a sexual relationship (…) without his consent“.

Currently in Brazil for the Copa America with the national team, Neymar has defended publicly in a seven-minute video posted on his account Instagram. “They accuse me of rape, it is a big word, it is very strong, but it is what is happening, begins the attacker of the PSG. It surprised me, it is something that is very ugly, very sad, because who knows me knows what kind of person I am, knows that I would never do such a thing.

Who knows me knows that I would never do such a thing

To exculpate himself, Neymar is scrolling in front of camera exchanges messages with its accusatory. Messages exchanged on the application WhatsApp, among which naked pictures of the young woman. He has taken care to blur his name to respect his anonymity. “These are intimate moments, he commented, but it is necessary to expose to prove that nothing actually happened.” Either.

According to the brazilian press, Neymar and his accusatory got in contact through Instagram. He would have paid for a plane ticket to Paris as well as his hotel room, where the facts alleged would have taken place. “It was a trap and I ended up falling in. I hope that this will serve as a lesson for the future“, says the Brazilian.

The lawyer of the footballer stated in a press release that his client “has been the victim of an attempted extortion practiced by a lawyer from Sao Paulo who, according to his version, the defence of the interests of” the accusing. Neymar has also received the public support of his father, who, on a chain, a brazilian, said : “This is not true, he never committed the slightest offence. In reality, it is the victim of blackmail.” He added that his son had given all the evidence to his lawyers for his defence. To follow…