Nicolas (Koh-Lanta 2019) lynched : “I was insulted, threatened… This is amazing !”

During the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1) broadcast Friday, may 31, 2019, two candidates have left the adventure. Maxime, was eliminated when the board and Nicolas at the end of a test a surprise. The adventurer belgian income, for Purepeople.comon his adventure, and referred in particular to his sudden anger at the time of the delivery of mail.

Recall that Steeve and Cyril had a mission to find ten pieces of wood on another island, hoping to bring back all the letters to apprentices Robinson. Finally, the duo was unable to come back with three letters, those of the girls. A situation that was much annoyed Mohamed and Nicolas, both dads of young children. However, their words and behaviors have not appealed to viewers…

I can understand it. But I want to say that it happened on the 33rd day, with hunger, fatigue, it is not obvious how to manage a disappointment. I had already missed the phone call, it made me frustrated, lance Nicholas. I reacted to hot, I’m pissed off but it should not be forgotten that this is only a game.” As recalled by the adventurer, “no one is immune to fits of anger and should not hold it against the adventurers“. However, in its daily life, the father of Mathis (4 years) would “never responded as well“.

This behavior has earned him criticism on the social networks. “It’s abused ! I received insults, threats under my pictures and private messages. It is amazing the wickedness of the people who have trouble understanding the game, “he says. Respond, defend themselves, it is to give importance to these things. I delete and basta, it is necessary to take a step back. Behind his computer, it is very easy to criticize and be threatening. The real people, you meet them in the street !

The only log that Aurélien had, it is Christmas

The log is not far from your head, my old one !“, had even launched Nicolas to Aurelien under the blow of anger after the young candidate had made him understand that he had to do was to go and get the mail itself on the other island. Today, Nicolas says : “It was a dialogue of the battle, and He has dropped his bomb, totally fair, but placed at a time when it was already all stretched out. It was a little bit put oil on the fire so I was really drunk, I went out of my hinges. I am impulsive, I speak sometimes and I think after.

This sentence which could offend some viewers is an old story for the two ex-Yellow. “It was explained, it was well discussed. Now, we laugh ! Incidentally, the only log that it has had, it is that of Christmas in our return of Koh-Lanta !“, concludes Nicolas. Incident closed !

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