Nicolas Sarkozy, his divorce from Cécilia Attias : “I had understood nothing”

4 000 pages, for a lifetime. Thursday 27 June 2019, Passions, book of memories that Nicolas Sarkozy has been prepared in the greatest secrecy, was published. The former head of the State reveals a few anecdotes of her years in power, but relies also on his political friendships or even about his private life. “I have been sensitive to the sincerity and simplicity of Brigitte Macron“, indicates, for example, the 64 year-old man, revealing to have been “touched thatEmmanuel Macron sends two motorcyclists to the police to accompany the body of [s]a parent“, Andrée, following his death in December 2017.

Especially, Nicolas Sarkozy, is engaged as never before about his divorce with Cécilia Attias. Married for nine years, from 1996 to 2007, they had a boy, Louis (22 years old). The ups and downs of their relationship tumultuous were spread in the press, but it was not known until then that is the day of the debate between the two towers that Cécilia Attias has announced that it wants to get a divorce, as the note Here. “It is little to say, at that time the attitude of Cecilia me transfixed. I hadn’t anticipated. I had understood nothing. I underwent without being able to control a situation, which every day became more incomprehensible, “says today the political man.

A difficult episode that he had however come to accept. “While I was beat to save my family, the day after the divorce, I woke up in Portugal where I was for a european summit with a huge weight in the least. I was relieved. It was made of. I had feared, I was wrong, “he continued.

Between the media pressure, torque dedicated to the separation, and its arrival fresh to power, Nicolas Sarkozy has lived a stressful period. “In retrospect, I understand how my divorce, just after being elected, was able to destabilize the French. Not to mention ten days of the summer of 2007 passed the United States to try, against the evidence, to save my couple“, he observes.