Of the Apple retail stores improve the presentation and the information on the iPhone and Apple Watch

A few Apple retail Store north american show changes in their arrangement and in their furniture exhibition. With as common feature, more information for customers and an easier handling for the Apple Watch.

First example with these iPhone placed on a plaque, on which are listed the main features of each model. Previously it was necessary to rely to an employee or to the app information that is installed but not always launched. It is almost silly to say, but there is also the name of each one of these iPhone highlighted.

Image : 9to5mac

This detail will not be missed with a regular who knows the lines by heart, but in most of the Apple Store today, the last three models are placed side-by-side, without anything to explain immediately who is who and who does what.

An Apple Store in Lyon a few weeks ago

Noticed at the Apple Store Apple Park then this table of Apple Watch where the watches are more attached to their backing but detachable charger, to try it out in peace.

There are not more of these tables that we know where the units are placed under glass, out of harm, except for the eyes. And in a Apple Store in Chicago, what are these trays of wood, with boxes of Apple Watch and an assortment of bracelets that Apple encourages them to assemble for the try.

Finally, seen in a store in California, a sign that tells customers where they can settle their purchase. The Apple Store does not have a counter of cash, strictly speaking, new customers can search for a long time where to pay. It is stupid as a cabbage, but a label can help…

[Update] : we were given some clarity to these things seen in the United States. The new table of the Apple Watch is for the moment reserved for the two blinds of campus california’s Apple. Other countries may have them, but it seems a compromise for France, because of a strong propensity to theft, and damage in the shops of the Hexagon.

The information media under the iPhone would only be used in the United States, we spoke of a possible need to conform to a law.

Regarding the panel, information indicating a space to settle its purchases, the Stores americans are customary, in France they are mostly out during periods of high activity.

Finally, one other detail, the employees who take orders would have received a new piece of equipment comprised of an iPhone X and a SMALL magnet in replacement of the more heavy made up of an iPhone 6 and its payment terminal more massive.