Olivier Dion : DALS, her ass on tv, groupies… His interview VNR

On the occasion of the release of his last album, Exposed, Olivier Dion has agreed to participate in the game of the interview with VNR. Funny and charming, the canadian artist replied without turning on those things in life that irritate, the image of his supposed kinship with Celine Dion. “It changes, but it is part of my family. Sometimes it is my sister, sometimes it is my mother, time and time again that I am his father… it varies a little bit“, he says with irony.

Dancing with the stars (TF1) has definitively marked his career. Brilliant dance, Olivier Dion had finished a finalist, but some viewers did not remember… “What I worship, it is that people think that I have done DALS and I finished in 4th, or that I made the semi-finals. It is not true, I was a finalist. I have made the podium anyway, 3rd !“, he said with a wide smile.

Muscles, smile pest and fiery eyes, his physique is certainly an asset. But Olivier Dion refuses to be summed up to a body : “It’s me babe, stop talking about my abs. It seems that people have never seen abs.” Same thing for her butt accidentally aired on television, during its passage noticed in The Island. I drunk a little because it always returns to my butt on the M6 as if it was me that had decided to show me like that in front of everyone, then that I was filmed without my knowledge, and that they use the images behind to make the hearing. Apparently, people like to see my butt !

This handsome man brown talented the infectious laughter has built a great community of fans : nearly 400,000 people following him on Instagram. But it’s hard to manage some of the worshipers a little too expressive… “The fans who are a little too entrepreneurial, or enterprising, yes it is a little bit sometimes… at times too, this is not enough. Sometimes, it’s good to have a community of fans engaged. Committed does not mean come in and do the dishes at home. I respect all my fans… but not those who are too committed !“, he replies, looked embarrassed. Find the interview VNR by Olivier Dion in full in our player, above.