Ophelia Miller pregnant – Her future maternity : “It enriches me already…”

Ophelia Miller (31 years) hope his future role as a mother will help her to get a different view on the world that surrounds it.

While the wife of Mathieu vergne (producer tv at DMLS TV) is currently waiting for their first child, she has agreed to discuss his future maternity in an interview with our colleagues in TV Magazine. “I’m on maternity leave for a few months. I’m going to be aware of this new experience, becoming a mother, in the living month after month. It enriches me already and will help me grow in my personal life but also in my professional life with this new perspective that I have in having a child“, she first commented.

And the host of Zone interdite (M6), currently replaced by Florence Trainar to the antenna, continued : “I am considering my return to the new school year with a lot of serenity ! I am eager to see how will my fourth season of forbidden Area with this new page of my personal life that opens.”

In the meantime its back to the start on M6, the viewers of M6 will very soon find Ophélie Meunier in New Life. This new magazine follows the route of the French who wanted to change his life, the first issue will be released on the 12th of June next, at 21 o’clock on the M6. Asked about his own willingness to change one’s life in a few years, the facilitator explained : “I don’t think so because I love my job and my life. (…) If I was to change, I think that I would like to stay in France, but go a little more in the South to get more sun !

An interview to find it in full in the magazine, TV Magazine, currently on newsstands.