Overview of Photos on macOS Catalina and iOS 13

Even more than fire iTunes, Photos is a sandbox in which engineers and designers cupertiniens can test their ideas. In iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, the Pictures shows how Apple rediscovers the depth and shadows, gradients, and rounded. But the new features are not just cosmetic : with this new version, Apple wants to present less of photos to present more photos relevant.

The new tab Days in Photos on macOS Catalina. Notice the small button “46 of 68” : the tab Days to show a selection, but you can always find all of the photos of the day.

In macOS Mojave, Photos did not open already over on the tab, All the photos, but on the tab Times, who does not necessarily have all the photos. In macOS Catalina, it will open on the new tab Days, which presents a mosaic of photos grouped by day. The days of poor shots are grouped together or ignored, while the important events as weddings or concerts stand out.

The tab Months. Same logic : only a few days are put forward, not necessarily in chronological order, but rather according to the number of shots and the location. In this example, a holiday week takes over a story in Paris, even though it has three times more photos. The small button (…) allows you to quickly create a video slideshow, or view photos on a map.

As the tab Month, he puts forward the photos of individuals or groups, and seems to prefer close-ups to overviews. You’ve taken ten photos in ten seconds ? It chooses a template, and hides the other. You took screen shots ? You wouldn’t see them. Photos no longer (only) a manager of photographs, but a digital album so much more dynamic than the Live Photos and videos animate the scroll.

The tab, All the photos with the new grid square…

…and with the classic grid, slightly less dense.

In other words : Apple aims to sort the photos in your place. But don’t worry, the tab All the photos is still available, and you will still be able to manage your library as you wish. You will notice the photos are now taking the form of a thumbnail grid square, centred on the most important part of the photograph. A small button allows you to return to the full display of photos.

Extreme case : for this day is particularly busy, Photos displays 145 photos on the 245 outlets, including the entirety of the photos that I have retouched.

The iOS version adds a few additional features, such as the ability to combine two terms to perform complex searches (” selfie ” and “marriage” for example). If you have taken several Live Photos in a row in less than a second and a half between them, pressing a will play the videos all combined.

Photos in iOS 13.

The iPhone and the iPad picks editing functions hitherto reserved to the Mac : the button Improve , and the adjustment of the ” brightness “, noise reduction and vignetting, white balance and adjustment of the microcontraste. But Apple has not solved the problem of synchronization of adjustments, which prevents to touch in a consistent manner on multiple devices.

The perspective correction in Photos on iOS 13.

The iOS devices are gaining a tool for perspective correction… that are missing in the macOS version. Finally, you might hear talk of a ” fashion birthday “, that brings up the photos of a person on the day of his birthday. It is not really a new feature of macOS Catalina and iOS 13, but a function of the photo library iCloud, deployed for some time.