Overwatch : Nerve is a tribute to the Soldier of ‘ 76 with this nice pulse rifle

In the month of February last, the range of toys Nerf Rival Hasbro was enlarged welcoming three weapons emblematic of the game Overwatch. The lovers of the title of Blizzard, or the guerrillas of the garden, was thus able to obtain the weapons of D. Will, Reaper and McCree. These last were, moreover, not always a vibrant tribute to their alter ego digital.

That’s not a problem, the toy manufacturer has come forward with an automatic rifle, which we think is much more convincing. The latter is inspired by the famous pulse rifle the Soldier 76, and can shoot up to 30 shots.

The icing on the cake, it will turn on during the firing and recoil activated. This engine can only work with six alkaline batteries D (or LR20) not included in the purchase. The set is accompanied by a helmet with a wide visor that allows you to wear the same look as the Soldier 76.

For the moment it is exclusive to the store Gamestop and it costs the trifle of $ 130. It will be available for delivery in November. A price is particularly high, especially as the brand already markets the nerf Rival Nemesis, a gun is also automatic, which can hold one hundred bullets per magazine !

The products under license, usually more expensive, so are certainly not the most effective on the field of battle. But when one loves, one does not count. We just hope that the developers are not going to take the opportunity to truly nerfer the soldier in the game !