Painter 2020 speeds up the brushes and improves its interface

Painter 2020 is available on Mac and PC, with a trial version to get started. This veteran in the simulation of painting tools sets, before this time, increase performance through the use of the GPU. This can result in brushes that will follow more closely your movements line, for a more precise result and an execution more fluid.

The editor has worked on the interface of the Painter, with pallets that you can resize or reduce in size, they are also more explicit about the types of tools that they contain.

There are changes also in the handling of the colors, for example, to quickly create palettes for the colours harmonised.

The improvements and novelties in the face of the previous editions are summarized in this table. Painter 2020 needs a minimum of macOS 10.13 Sierra and it is not demanding on the hardware, but it’s better to have a processor with four physical core to get all the salt. It is sold out 425 € or 219 € in the update.