Pamela Anderson : Adil Rami is made of tweezers, the hairs in the nose, she films it all !

To be the darling of the beautiful Pamela Anderson, it must be charming and take care of yourself. And that, Adil Rami has understood. On June 4, 2019, the footballer in marseille 33 years has pushed the door of a barber to… to attempt the removal of hair in nostrils. Urgent request of Pamela or the simple experience of the footballer ? The mystery remains whole. Anyway, the nostrils of Adil Rami are now completely hairless and emptied of their hair.

To our delight,the bomb of’baywatch 51-year-old wished to immortalize these moments, and filmed the session of hair removal of her lover. You can see Adil Rami sat down with the wax in the nostrils. He asked the beautician, not very reassured : “to Be prevented before no ?” The young woman then answered gently : “actually it depends… There are customers who like to well… And others who do not like…” No time to finish his sentence as the wax strip is ripped off a blow dry, net and without burrs. Adil Rami cries out and sits up immediately from his chair.

On the images, one also sees the institute where Adil Rami went to get tweezers : The Barbière de Paris. A smiley hedgehog is subtly added by Pamela (subtle reference to the hair of Adil ?) as well as the proverb “It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful“. A big question remains unresolved…. After the hairs in the nose,Adil Rami has he managed to keep his mustache ? Yes, a cliché that is published by the footballer in marseille proves a few moments later…