Pamela Anderson victim of bullying to make DALS : “I didn’t want to”

In 2018, TF1 did a good job by revealing that Pamela Anderson will join the cast of Dancing with the stars. The name of the star ofbaywatch was on everyone’s lips, and his duet with Maxime Dereymez remained for seven weeks in the competition.

But, while American 51-year-old announced his break-up with Adil Rami – and denounced in passing that he was leading a double life and had been threatening toward her, the busty blonde has published on its website the private exchanges that she had with the former girlfriend of the footballer, the beautiful Sidonie Biémont. Between the two revelations, one learns that Pamela Anderson didn’t want to do Dancing with the Stars, to believe.

I never wanted to make DALS. I’ve been the victim of intimidation for people to earn commissions. Adil has recorded a video with happiness and was present several times. He was hiding in the dressing room“, she writes. Pamela Anderson is not going into the details behind this statement accusatory. On the other hand, a few lines later, Sidonie Biémont fact revelations on the double game of Adil Rami at the time of DALS : “All appearances to press that you have made together, he told me that you were doing it but that he didn’t want to, because you were ‘friends’. Each photo was justified by a falsehood or by a aggressive behavior, “she wrote.

About the video to which the player of the OM has been involved, the mother of the twins Zayn and Madi (2 years and a half) says : “Ithe told me that it was your team [that of Pamela Anderson, editor’s NOTE] who had forced them to do so. That it was policy and communications. I’m so stupid that I believed, I admit it.