Patent : taking photos with the Apple Watch, no… but with the strap, yes

With each generation of hardware and operating system, the Apple Watch is gaining autonomy and independence. watchOS 6 will also to the watch to make a leap forward and cut a little more cord with the iPhone. But if there’s one area where the smartphone is going to very long maintain its lead, it is one of the photograph !

It is hard to imagine a photo sensor integrated in the watch to take photos (indeed difficult to ” aim ” it). There is, however, a way of fantasizing on a video call FaceTime, or even biometric authentication, such as a patent, as had been suggested in march 2018 (read : Patent : Face ID for the Apple Watch).

A patent unveiled this June 25, shows that Apple is growing seriously the ciboulot to attach a module picture to the Apple Watch. Finally, not in the shows, but in his bracelet ! The sensor is present at the end of a bracelet, which the user can manipulate to find the best angle.

The idea seems far-fetched, but it responds to several issues : the orientation of the shooting no longer depends on the position of the casing of the watch ; incorporating special materials (such as a fluid, magneto-rheological), the strap can stay in place, thus avoiding the need to take his watch too long in the air ; and finally, integrating a second photo sensor at the backside of the first, it is possible to cover the whole of its environment (and why not make videos to 360 degrees).

In view of the strangeness that emanates from the drawings accompanying the patent, we can say without risking too much wrong that Apple will not launch such a product soon. But we cannot say that the engineers of the manufacturer are not ingenious (snowman smile that winks). More in any case than those who have developed the first Galaxy Gear from Samsung, which put a camera in her bracelet. The perfect weapon voyeurs discrete…