Pedometer++ : walkers enjoy the iPhone 4.7″

Small iPhone or big or even very big iPhone, you who walk a lot, to where goes your preference… ? David Smith, the developer of the app Pedometer++ (free), which is aimed at users keen to count their steps and distances covered each day, had the surprise to find that the size of 4.7″ was still quite popular among its users. Initially, he was interested in the number of these people who could not pass on iOS 13 (17% of its fleet).

47% of them are on the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8. By adding the SE (7%) and 5s (4%) over half of this sample. The other category is the most popular, but at a distance, is that of the models “Most”, with about 19%.

Obviously, the X, XR, XS, and XS Max, by their youth, cannot pretend to be already as much as ranges of outputs for years. Dave Smith does not disclose the number of its active users, we simply stated that this was a low range of a few hundreds of thousands of users (last year, its software had accumulated 5 million downloads in 5 years).

In view of the specificity of Pedometer++ we will not of a general conclusion. Simply, it is interesting to see that on the user base of this application, the screen sizes of the “classics” of the Apple world are still mostly preferred (for whatever reasons of their own).