Philips Hue, a socket and filament bulbs connected to the back

Philips is going to launch in the fall a socket connected light bulbs to the retro look, to the filaments. The site Dutch farms has pulled these details from a sales brochure internal.

The outlet looks like the models HomeKit that we know in Eve Systems and Koogeek, namely a small block that has a switch for a manual action. It is not clear whether a bridge will be necessary, but for the rest, she will be able to insert themselves into a scene, and react to voice commands via the wizards, the usual. It will cost 29,95 €.

For those who despair of having to hide their light bulbs connected to it, Philips has in its cartons of compatible versions of Bluetooth/Zigbee inspired by the generations to filament, more elegant, and it can be left visible to create moods. Three types are provided, the formats E27 (small), G93 (bigger) and ST19 (elongated). The rates advertised for these “Hue White Filament” is 19.95 €, 24,95 € 29,95 €.

farms had other information on a new version of the lamp Hue Go with an improved foot to prevent rocking as well as several spots, coat hooks.