Pierre-Jean Chalençon fired from Dancing with the stars : “it doesn’t matter to me…”

As a reminder, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in TPMP on June 11. He had confirmed his participation in DALS 10. “It’s a challenge that I started. I will dance with who wants to dance with me. I sign the contract this week. I negotiated my salary. Besides, I told them : ‘I am not a carpet merchant, give me what you want.’ And they have been very good“, had explained the columnist, star of France 2.

Cyril Hanouna was then revealed that his guest was going to turn the pilot of a new column in Key not at my post. A confidence that probably has not liked TF1. If the contract of Pierre-Jean Chalençon allowed it to continue its activities on France 2, he promised not to go on another chain. And even less C8, can we imagine, because the relations between the two chains are not really roses.