Pierre-Jean Chalençon : Mad pancake party in his palace, with Catherine Frot

Be a guest at the home of Pierre-Jean Chalençon is the promise of an evening without dead time, full of animation. On 7 June 2019, the collector 48-year-old has invited several of his famous friends to spend a joyful time in his Palace, Vivienne (located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris). Among them, the actresses Catherine Frot and Catherine Jacob, but also Magloire or even Yves Lecoq, Daniel Gilbert.

This evening placed under the sign of friendliness with the provision of a pancake house on which all the guests were able to spread the dough as they please, and twirl the spatula, with more or less dexterity and success. All guests of Pierre-Jean Chalençon were also able to sample the delicacies prepared by the chef Jean-Pierre Jacquin, assistant of the belgian actress Grace de Capitani.

As for each of its private parties, and the inevitable buyer ofa bargain (France 2) has set the mood, with its guests in devilish dances. “With my girlfriend Chantal Ladesou… and Jordan luxury… the palace of madness“, has also commented on the passion of Napoleon Bonaparte on his page Instagram.