Pierre-Jean Chalençon ready to leave it’s a bargain ? His response says it all…

Let’s remember that this is not the first time that Pierre-Jean Chalençon talks about his uncertain future in a bargain. Friday, June 7, 2019, on the plateau of Key not at my post (C8), Cyril Hanouna and columnists have asked him if he would be at the antenna of the show next year. “Well, we’ll see (…). Maybe…“, he said without too much lingering.

It must be said that in recent weeks, it binds to the projects. Pierre-Jean Chalençon has been cast for Dancing with the stars , and may well participate in the next season of the contest for TF1. In addition, he will join very quickly the team to not Touch my position as a columnist ! More importantly, it has offered her services as host of a radio show in the history of Europe 1… for 1 euro symbolic. So many projects that may not be not consistent with her appearances in it’s a bargain. In the meantime, the case is to be followed.