Pierre Niney and Natasha Andrews : parents-to-be pranksters at Roland Garros

On June 9, 2019,Pierre Niney (30 years old) and his sweetheart Natasha Andrews (age 32) passed through the traditional village of Roland Garros to attend the last match of the competition. They were unable to attend the grand final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. The lovers did not go unnoticed because Natasha Andrews arrives with a baby bump (very) imposing announcing the imminent end of her pregnancy.

An ideal man

Known and recognized for its great sensitivity, Pierre Niney was all smiles next to his sweetheart, but also very considerate. Dad already filled, Peter will be here a very short time the happy father of a new baby. As a couple, with Natasha Andrews for more than ten years old, he already has a little girl named Lola, born on December 11, 2017.

The couple posed in front of photographers at Roland Garros, always very well accompanied. Natasha Andrews has chosen a dress bohemian flowing to ground liberty. The blue motifs recall the dress of his beloved, who wears a sweater Lacoste with a touch shade of cyan. In the full game, Pierre Niney has filmed his friend Norman Thavaud, also present at the match, and himself a young dad. In his story, he filmed Norman Thavaud and his sweetheart Martha commenting : “Latin lover.” A few moments later, he shoots at new Norman apparently alone, Martha is no longer there. He wrote : “It’s messed up…

Many other pairs of stars had come to this grand final, as Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, Tomer Sisley and his wife Sandra and Jean Dujardin and Nathalie Péchalat.