Plus belle la vie : check out the successor of Manon Bresch

There will be a change in the Most beautiful life this week. A new actress will disembark at Mistral on June 13, 2019. It will, however, not a new character, but an elder who has left Marseille there was little.

Last march, Thérèse is a party to London to study in a fashion school. But, after three months of absence, she is about to make his return in the South of France. This is, however, more Manon Bresch who will play the sister of Baptiste, but Leah Kerel.

This last has been seen in 2018 at the cinema in Strong, Katia Lewkowicz. On television, it is in the series Balthazar that the public has found it. A thriller led by actor Tomer Sisley. Finally, she got a role in the webseries 2 Girls 1 Desk.

Theresa has taken the decision to return to Marseille after a call to the help of Thomas (Laurent Kerusoré) and Gabriel (Joakim Latzko). Both have called in a disaster so that she may come to the aid of the Baptist, who just had the heart broken by Emma.

To recall, Teresa has already been embodied by three actresses. It is first of all Tia Diagne, which is set in the skin of the character. It was then replaced by Manon Bresch in 2015.