Plus belle la vie : Sophie de la Rochefoucauld (again) back

This return is the opportunity for the prod’ again Leah Francis on the front of the stage. Since the incarceration of Elias (Marco Horanieh), following the murder of Chris Ford, his character was no longer really in the center of the plot. Yet, soon, his solitude will be highlighted, but also, his new favorite. Barbara made the acquaintance of a certain Gustave and this could lead to a love story. Case to follow…

It was in February 2009 that Sophie de la Rochefoucauld had joined the cast of the series of France 3 to play the mother of Barbara. Initially, she was the wife of the police officer Jerome Evenot (Pierre Gerard). Her former husband had put her in an uncomfortable position which forced her into exile in Latin America, where the authorities had discovered that he was a trafficker of illegal immigrants. After several years, she returned to Italy and resumed contact with his daughter. In 2014, she made her return in France, with his new partner, Francesco (Emanuele Giorgi).

She had asked in marriage, but the young man had done wrong-bond on the day J. It was then discovered that he had a relationship with Barbara. Caroline was, therefore, part of living in Canada. She had again landed at the Mistral in January, 2018 for the wedding of Elias… before you go back to Canada.