Pokémon GB leaves the Apple Watch

Life is a little death too. And unfortunately, for owners of Apple Watch fans of Pokémon GB, the game support for their watch will stop on 1 July. The developer Niantic prevents the shutdown of the service in a footnote for assistance. The application Pokémon GB for watchOS calculates the number of steps of the trainer, it also allows him to win candy Buddy and to hatch eggs. This will not be the case in less than a month.

These functions follow-up exploration are forcing the studio to keep on both devices (watch and smartphone). Niantic wants to make sure that the trainers no longer have to toggle between two terminals, which looks more like an excuse to let go of the Apple Watch that is a valid reason. It is certainly possible to do more with the watch, but maybe the studio wants to focus on the bracelet Pokemon GB More (read : Pokémon full the cloud and in the bed).

Pokémon GO was appeared on the Apple Watch in December 2016. Trainers who wish will be able to track the distance traveled directly on their iPhone by syncing the app Pokémon GB with the Health app. All the info are here.