Pokémon Sword and Shield : What was to be learned from the Nintendo Direct

Credits Nintendo

This afternoon, the Pokémon fans have held their breath at the approach of the Nintendo Direct special Pokémon Sword and Shield. A live just a ten-minute broadcast on YouTube, during which it was able to discover in the broad lines the content of the next two games made in Game Freaks. Spoiler alert, for the moment, the content is not really up to our expectations.

For this new adventure, it’s a whole new world that will offer players. With his metropolis-inspired city of London, and its vast expanses lush, named Wilderness, the first trailer of Pokémon Sword and Shield has been the occasion to discover a part of the extent of the area of Galar. A playground visibly more open than in previous games, and especially more successful graphically.

Credits Nintendo

We take the same and we start again. After the Mega-evolutions and the crystals of Force Z, it is the turn of a new phenomenon to come to punctuate our fights. Thanks to the Dynamax, it will be possible for the players to make his Pokémon giant and much more tough… at least for a certain period of time. Usable only once during a fight, the Dynamax will be as devastating as temporary. You should use it with caution.

If the Dynamax should be at the centre of the mechanics of fighting in the stadium, which is apparenteront to new arenas, the phenomenon will not be available in all circumstances.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting innovations of this new generation, the multiplayer makes a grand entrance in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Finished the adventure solo, it will now be possible to organize Raids to 4 players, in cooperation, local or online. Accessible from the Savage Lands, the Raids will allow players to battle Pokémon more formidable one than the other, the more often equipped with a Dynamax standing and powers, unpublished. Managing to fight the boss Raids, then it will be possible to capture it. Note that some Pokémon will only be capturable via this means.

That said, new generation said course, new Pokémon. During the last Nintendo Direct, a few new pocket monsters have been formalized. Our next trips to Galar will be the opportunity to meet with the fluffy Moumouton, the terrible Torgamord, Corvaillus, a raven-giant, which will also serve as a mount to travel between towns, or even Tournicton and its evolution Blancoton. All the old Pokémon from the first generation will also be available. Of the Pokémon that feel slightly warm so even if we wait to discover all the new features of this eighth generation.

Even if the official announcement of these five new Pokémon-not to us – he must admit – not jump to the ceiling, the disappointment is up a notch in discovering the identity of the two legendary of this new generation. Copies (almost) compliant Solgaleo ( 7th generation), Zamazenta and his alter ego Zacian promise certainly to be deadly, but there is clearly not enough to shake the crowds. Level charisma we revert, level originality, too : their only peculiarity lies in the fact that one of the two dog legendary is equipped with a shield, while the other carries a sword in his mouth.

Credits Nintendo

Latest interesting news from this Nintendo Direct, Pokémon, Sword and Shield were now entitled to an official release date, November 15, next. Date will also be selling a collector’s box to usefulness rather dubious, since the latter will be composed of two sets Sword AND Shield, as well as a nice steelbook of storage for all of them. More than a few months to wait, therefore, hoping that by then, the game developers will give us a little more in the mood for an adventure in the green lands from Galar.