Pornhub markets a swimsuit to hide your erection

The summer is coming and this is a season conducive to meetings. It was not necessary any more for that Pornhub remembers our good memories through a product unusual. The king of streaming adult comes in effect to launch a swimsuit that is able to hide an erection on the spot. An event that may quickly take you for a voyeur. But don’t worry, there will be no more hiding in the depths of the ocean for you to conceal.

The latter features a design that reminds one of the site, in particular thanks to its black bars and oranges. Called the ” Bonerless Bathing Steps “, literally the ” Swimsuit anti-boner “, this last one has an inner part molding the parts to hide. In the video below, you can see how it looks once worn. Once is not custom, the firm took the opportunity to do a little clip of fun, in an atmosphere that is very sixties.

You can certainly hide the natural expressions of your anatomy, but we are still puzzled about big logo on Pornhub now on the right leg. It is therefore up to you to decide what you want people to see.

The shirt is marketed for about $ 70, including postage, on the site But it seems a victim of its success : the stocks are for the moment exhausted.