Preview of Doom Eternal : we take the same, etc

You are looking for a relaxing game where it fit in the melee is the master word ? Doom, released in 2016, has not aged one bit. But it was three years ago, and Bethesda has kindly invited to make a short hop to London to try its upcoming sequel, Doom Eternal. It just has to be presented at the conference E3 of Bethesda : two times more streums, a time on Earth, and a similar experience with some new features. For the moment, nothing revolutionary, but it is understandable not to shake up a recipe already well removed.

Experience DOOM remains the same. The aim of the game is probably to offer a version of “harder, better, faster, stronger” of the hit of 2016 : you’re a super-soldier released in full hell, and have to survive by kicking of the buttocks, usually with several entities of hell.

And at the heart of the heart of the experience Doom Eternal, we would find the tables of the laws that begin with “if you don’t travel, you die” and ” every death should be a source of a lesson “. The gameplay is extremely nervous, the streums do not leave the slightest respite and will push you out. It is necessary to go to the contact, even in desperate situations. Ill play Doom, or to play with a level of difficulty too, this is expose to be constantly on the thread. It is necessary to mobilize all his energy.

The game is generous in his approach. Even in the most desperate situations, there is always a tool that should be there to save you ass. Your mobility in the first place. But the game has literally been sold as a ” more stingy with ammo “, which proved to be relevant in this demo.

However, you have more tools : turn the heat to a monster, pull it, and you scratch his armor. The famous glory kills – activate a pressure shot if they are fairly weak – restores a little health. A stroke of the chainsaw, a rare but often life-saving, gives some ammunition.

Health everywhere, especially in arenas and very open. If you chopez a ” life “, sometimes low easy access, or requesting a certain gym, you will, instead of pass away, a moment slowed and boosted to get you out of trouble. A good idea to balance a bit the game.

However, the game seems a little difficult for new entrants… or mals woke up. It is easy to get wrapped up in the same patterns, try the brute-force, and never really understand how to get out of it. Some frustrations could be expected.

All the more that the section exposed was, in the middle, a platform, a bit off-topic and frustrating. We understand the logic : these are boosters that will send you fly on pieces of land, fifty yards away. Faster, more mobile. But only here it is : you quickly press a button inappropriate, is queering and land in the empty cosmic… we got to take a shot of nasty with nothing to do.

In short, the platform in the shooting game nag, why not, but with a greater consistency in the gameplay, it would be great. Another small frustration, the mapping of the keys is a little hazy in regards to the triggers – each weapon offers an extra action, one shot alternative that offers great possibilities and chain reactions are fun. But you quickly grill them in the confusion, it will be necessary to engage in a little mental gymnastics.

Otherwise, there’s nothing new under the sun of Satan : atmosphere craspec, metallic sound that accompanies the action, the graphics-which-are-the-same. It is as simple as that : you liked the original, you’ll like the result. You want to discover more ? So start with the original. Intelligence, polish and good sliders are still there.