Princess Erika : Her son beaten up “goes better”, the complaint provided

On may 28, the unforgettable interpreter of the tubes is Necessary that I work and Too much bla bla had left burst its anger after learning of the assault of his son. “You just attacked my son at 10 against 1 !!! It is disfigured, I do not post his picture because he doesn’t want ! I am in the office, I cry in rage !!! We are in the process of him through radio, he has the face full of bruises, so one checks that these dogs have not caused serious damage !!! It can’t go unpunished !!! The child was 16 years old…“, she wrote, before picking up his account some hours later. “We just got back from the hospital… My son will sit and we will closely monitor his condition for 48 hours, given the sharp blows to the head. Thank you for the support and reassurance. I’m going down, I calm down… Good night.

On a more positive note, Princess Erika has made her return to the small screen this year in the series Access, aired on C8, to the sides of Ahmed Sylla. On the musical side, it is expected on the scene of Cléon-d’andran on July 18, in the framework of the Festival Off’s.

Thomas Montet