Reality tv : suicidal ideation, complex, and anxiety… The overwhelming study

Since the launch of Loft Story, the first reality tv show in France, in 2001, many programs have flourished. The people of Marseille, The Angels, Moundir and the apprentices adventurers, The Villa of broken hearts , or even The Princes of love are the beautiful days of NRJ12, W9, and TFX. But the effects on the viewers, often young, these emissions are not negligible.

The british association Mental Health Foundation has conducted the survey of more than 4,000 people aged 18 to 25 years. And the result is somewhat worrisome. In fact, 24% of respondents say that these reality tv shows have done to develop complex physical. It must be said that the typical profile of a candidate – perfectly muscled, the skin clear and tanned – and the candidate – in the body, often silicone – does not represent the majority of the French. These silhouettes modified by cosmetic surgery and other tricks are also feel to the viewers of negative feelings such as anxiety, shame, and disgust vis-à-vis their own body.

This ill-being is reflected in 23% of young people surveyed by suicidal thoughts. Finally, 15% of respondents trust have agreed to do evil, voluntarily watching tv shows that accentuate their complex physical and will give them even new. In short, the viewing of these programs of reality tv has a direct impact on the self-esteem. A study that could, perhaps, change the selection criteria during the castings…