Refurb : MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar to 1369 €

If you want to have a MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar at a great price, then this model sold 1369 € may be of interest to you. For this price, you have a configuration that is relatively complete : Core i5 2.9 GHz, 8 Gb RAM, SSD of 256 Gb… This is a model of 2016.

If we consider that 8 Gb of RAM and 256 Gb of SSD, it is difficult to find it cheaper on the refurb. There is well the MacBook 1269 €, but there is a need to support his processor sluggish (especially on this configuration) and its single port. Always with a similar configuration, there is also the MacBook Air 2018 to 1359 €, which ticks all the boxes.

If money is not a problem, there is a large number of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on the refurb. It should be noted that in the 13”, there are a number of configurations up-to-date around 1500 €.

In regards to desktop computers, Apple offers as often :

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