Rice is not a solution to save an iPhone dropped in water

The rice is good to feed but it is no help to save your iPhone fell in the water, reminds iFixit in a ticket that falls to peak, while the pools are filled and that the vacation to the sea approach.

As soon as the inside of the phone is a hardened, corrosion will immediately get into action and start to weaken the metal connectors and surrounding components. This is not the rice, which, by magic, the clean-up on the motherboard of your iPhone the deposits left by the action of the salt of the sea water or the chlorine in the pool. Corrosion, which will grow worse as we use his phone. Yet this cereal is often seen as the solution to the setbacks from edges of pool.

You will be able to have a smartphone that will work perfectly after this bath of rice, but the respite may only be short-term. The corrosion will continue, slowly but surely producing its effects.

Traces of corrosion on an iPhone left an hour in the water

iFixit reminds us of this test of 2014, where a wet sponge had been placed in various products : cat litter, couscous, instant rice, dry rice, silica gel, oats… The dry rice was the least efficient of the lot. In 24 hours it had absorbed the least water. Worse, leave the sponge in the open air had been the best of solutions, since it had dried more quickly.

The most prudent when one leaves their phone in water is to first turn it off and then try to extract as much liquid as possible by shaking it gently to the vertical and then letting them dry in the open air.

The grains of rice do not have small fingers to clean up this corrosion

But it does not save a opening the device to remove the residual fluid and clean the traces of corrosion which will quickly form. This cleaning goes through another liquid, a bath of the motherboard in isopropyl alcohol (except for the battery, the screen and the camera modules). Then he will have to patiently clean the card and the chassis with a small brush.

iFixit offers a guide that details these steps, knowing that he’s from a time where the iPhone were less resistant to water. Today it is a little more complicated to trace because of the seals that it has to be put back as it should be.