Richard Madden in a relationship with Brandon Flynn ? He does not deny…

Currently the displays of the excellent biopic Rocketman, which tells about the life of singer Elton John, actor Richard Madden plays John Reid, the former lover and manager of the legendary singer. The opportunity to talk about homosexuality during his interview for the prestigious New York Times.

While recent photos have shown an accomplice in the streets of Los Angeles or New York with the young american actor Brandon Flynn, star of the series, 13 Reasons Why , and ex-lover of singer Sam Smith, Richard Madden did not bother denying anything about the nature of their relationship. “Madden’s up on the shoulders, not annoyed by the question, but not in a hurry respond, “writes the daily, before giving the answer of the actor. “I just want to keep my private life, private. I never talked about my romantic relationships“, he responded, purposely vague.

After 18 months of relationship, he broke up last January with Ellie Bamber. The actor would it be bisexual ? Several sites in the us are moving forward also another explanation : the two men became roommates, the career of Richard Madden takes on the scale, he would have left England for Hollywood… This seems quite surprising, as the handsome 32-year-old earns enough good living to live alone, to him who has starred in the hit series Game of Thrones and Bodyguard, but has also been seen at the cinema in the adaptation of Cinderella.

To try to keep clear of the paparazzi, Richard Madden is said to have a good technique to him : “I wear the same clothes several days in a row, as this gives the impression that everything has been taken on the same day, it creates confusion and it is more difficult to sell to photographers. There are so so many photos you can take of me with a juice green hand, walking in the street“, he told.