Robert Downey Jr promises to save the planet in 10 years with nanotechs and robots

Credits Marvel

10 years to save the planet. Given the current state of our resources, the bet seems rather utopian. Yet, it is indeed the project that was formalized Tuesday, the actor Robert Downey Jr. Present during theAmazon Re: March held this week in Las Vegas, the hollywood star has opened the launch by the next year of the foundation Footprint Coalition. An organization intended to clean up the planet Earth in just 10 years, thanks to advanced technologies.

Thanks to new technologies, including robotics and nanotechnology, the actor is hoping to “clean up significantly, if not completely, the planet in ten years”. A project for which he has not yet revealed the details at its first official presentation, relayed by our colleagues of BFM, but which is expected to bring together many scientists and policy experts, as was already promised to Robert Downey Jr clearly has a great enthusiasm : I’m going to spend the next few months to get this project and to gather around me people are the most intelligent. (…) In 11 years, when I have 65 years, if we have a little bit reduced this dangerous threat to our future and this mess that we leave behind, I’ll be back to organize the most tasty holiday retirement”. The promise is launched, but we expect to learn a little more about the concrete measures that will be adopted by the organization before shouting to the rescue of the blue planet. In the meantime, the official website of Footprint Coalition has already been put online, but it does not propose for the moment to enroll in a newsletter. It is necessary well to begin somewhere.