RSS : NetNewsWire back in a first alpha version

The venerable NetNewsWire is back. Then he developed a new aggregator of RSS feeds baptized Evergreen, Brent Simmons has had the opportunity to buy NetNewsWire, and it was created in 2002 and sold in 2005. Rather than repeat a code base that is passed by two companies, Simmons is back to a blank sheet of paper. Evergreen has become NetNewsWire 5, of which the first alpha version is available.

This all new app is functional, but relatively bare compared to the old versions of NetNewsWire. You’ll never find no smart folders, built-in browser and player of podcasts, or sync service home. Evergreen import and export files OMPL, is the RSS feed at the desired frequency, opens links in the default browser, syncs with Feedbin, and then it is.

This is not much, but it is enough to consider Evergreen as sufficiently advanced for it to resume the name (and icon) of NetNewsWire. After this first alpha version, the pace of development is expected to accelerate, especially as the app is now open source, and as several contributors have joined the project.

As Brent Simmons officiates now in Omni, NetNewsWire will remain free after its finalization. In the end, the application should take care of the automation system Rainier, developed by Simmons as a contemporary interpretation of the famous Frontier. A new iOS version is also in development.