Sandrine Quétier mom moved : his daughter, his look-alike, is celebrating its 18 years

Sandrine Quétier is a mom moved.

Thursday, 13 June 2019, his daughter Lola Michelin has celebrated its 18 this spring. For the occasion, the ex-host of Dancing with the stars (TF1) became an actress full-time, has posted a very nice photo of it in black and white on Instagram… and the resemblance to her famous mom is striking !

We met 18 years ago today… This day has changed my life… You changed my life when my gaze landed on you… The beginning of the most beautiful adventures, mom’s. At your side, life is more intense, more beautiful, more gentle, more rich… You are a marvel my girl, a ‘little being’ funny, sensitive, generous and I am very very proud to be your mom. 18 years that you illumine my heart. I love you my love. Happy birthday @LolaMichelin“, wrote the famous mother on the social network.

Inevitably, the publication immediately attracted thousands of likes and dozens of comments. “But she is beautiful, “responded Christophe Beaugrand when Nikos Aliagas and Sylvie Tellier have their side published émojis hearts.

Sandrine Quétier is also the mom ofa young Gaston, 16 years old.