Sara Mortensen (More beautiful life) road trip : behind the scenes of his departure “forced”

Blow for Sara Mortensen (39 years). Then she played Coralie Blain, for the past seven years, the actress has been thanked by the production of a More beautiful life , as she revealed to Tv Leisure. A hasty departure on which it is entrusted.

According to the girlfriend of Bruce Tessore, it is his hectic schedule, which has pushed the production of the series of France 3 to make this choice : “This year has been busy for me, I’ve toured a lot in other fiction. The production of a More beautiful life had need of me this summer but for personal and professional reasons, I couldn’t.

Although she has tried to find an arrangement to be back at Mistral, Sara Mortensen has not succeeded in freeing themselves. If, for a time, it was planned to dive Coralie in the coma in order to justify the absence of the actress, it was finally decided to be thankful : “At the last moment, I received a phone call and they told me : ‘You do not come back not to Marseille.’ Without knowing it, I had turned my last sequence of the day before.

Sara Mortensen replaced

The beautiful blonde regrets not having been able to say goodbye as it should be for the whole team. Other “blow“, she learned that she was going to be replaced by a actress which one does not yet know the identity : “At the end of seven years, and it’s weird. I didn’t even learned by the production, someone called me to say it.

I think it was very rushed. (…) I sent an email in which I explained that, forced to-but the head high, I was off to new adventures. I know that the best is in front of me. I am very happy to have done these seven years to a More beautiful life, with Coralie. I would have liked to continue with it. (…) The production can no longer manage my job time. They have storylines written and want to go to the end, leaves to separate from the actress. I am very sad. I want to say to the fans to greet with respect the new interpreter Coralie, “added Sara Mortensen.

Even if she finds “not very classy” the way the production process, it is said that this departure is a “bad to good“. She will be able to focus on other projects that it will unveil, for sure, in time, to his fans.

Recall that the successor of Sara Mortensen is not the only new recruit. After the departure of Manon Bresch, the prod’ wished to appeal to Leah Kerel for the role of Theresa.