Seat launches on the roads the Itn electric

This small city will replace the Mii-driven thermal. A sudden charge for the range, including the engine of 83 horsepower embarks a battery of 61 kW, giving it an autonomy of 260 km. It will take 4 hours with a power of 7.2 kW to recharge the battery to 80%.

Volkswagen maneuver

The production of the Mii will begin in the end of the year in Slovakia. If the prices are not yet known, Seat announces that bookings will begin from the month of September. The manufacturer stated, however, that the price of this new Mii will be equivalent to that of a thermal vehicle on the same range, around 12,000 € once subtracted from premiums and State aid.

Seat enjoys the support of the platform of Volkswagen, the parent company, which in the field of urban electric has launched the e-Up! under its own brand name, as well as the Citigo to Skoda. For his Itn electric, Seat rests, moreover, on the technical basis of the Citigo, and in particular the e-model iV presented recently.

As for the Mii, thermal, his career will stop as of the month of July with the end of its production. Seat will not propose, therefore, most of the electric in this range. The constructor has not finished with the battery : it should be presented in a compact, which should roll on 550 km with a single charge.