Security : macOS Catalina further restricts the permissions of apps

You liked the messages ” want to control the app macOS Mojave ? You’ll love the messages ” wants to access this folder “ macOS Catalina. Apple further restricts the permissions of applications, in order to avoid overflow which could compromise the safety of the user. The price of a deluge of dialog boxes.

The control of access to files in macOS Catalina.

Full access to the drive, camera and microphone, automation… macOS Mojave had already greatly reduced the possibility that an application can take the machine in hand without the consent of the user. With macOS Catalina, Apple mouth a few holes still gaping, and the applications will now have to ask for permission :

  • before you save the keystroke of the keyboard ;

  • before you take screenshots ;

  • before you record a video of the screen.

It is, of course, to block “spyware” such as keyloggers, and complicate the task of dabbling using applications such as TeamViewer to observe their victims. In addition to the” full access to the disk “, that covers the basics of data messages and e-mails, as well as Time Machine backups, macOS Catalina control more firmly the access to certain folders :

  • Documents ;

  • Office ;

  • Downloads ;

  • iCloud Drive ;

  • all volumes external ;

  • all network volumes.

In addition, the Gatekeeper will ensure now that all of the applications that you have installed (including from the App Store) are well known to the security services of Apple.