Several references to new MacBook in the database of the ECC

The basis of data of the ECC (Eurasian Economic Commission) has registered 7 new MacBook. Usually, it is the precursor of what’s new in the catalog of Apple (the register already contains the future iPhone…). The models in questions, numbered A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182 and A2251, are described as ” portable computers “. The listing does not specify the type or the family of the machines in question, but we can draw plans on the comet.

Several models are in arrears, beginning with the small MacBook 12’ Retina in which the last refresh was in June 2017. The MacBook Air could also benefit from a small speed bump , performance boost, even if the last release date last October. Let’s not forget the MacBook Pro 13’ without Touch the Bar, too, behind his misfortune for too long.

Finally, there is the rumor of MacBook Pro 16’ features an all-new design, predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo. A computer that could, however, benefit from a presentation in good and due form, during a keynote for example (in September ?).

Just recently, Apple has reviewed a wide discretion in its MacBook Pro 13-and 15-inch with Touch Bar (read our test).