Snapdragon 855, Slab OLED, APN rotary… The Samsung Galaxy A90 leak

The Galaxy A80

Well it shines on its smartphones called premium, the Korean giant has for some time been struggling to impose itself on the other. Due to fierce competition from the new chinese players, who have totally messed up the mid-market segment. The Galaxy Has thus served to re-occupy the ground left (a little) abandonment for a few years.

If the mark is actively working on its Galaxy Note 10, it is also preparing a Galaxy A90, which is supposed to trôner above the range in question. This is a new time the serial leaker OnLeaks which delivered information on the device, delivering a part of the technical details of two references : The “SM-A905″ and the ” SM-A908 “.

It says that the A90 has a large slab OLED 6.7 inches with a fingerprint sensor under the screen. He is not stingy in power, as it embeds a Snapdragon 855 (compared to a Snapdragon 730 for the A80), probably coupled with 8 Gb of ram. The SM-A908 will support the 5G and a digital camera slide-out and rotating, as on the A80, consisting of three sensors 48 Mp + 8 Mp + 5 Mp. It is also the same that will take selfies.

The Galaxy A80

A second version without 5G exists, and proposing, instead, a APn of even better quality, with three sensors 48, Mp + 12 Mp + 5 Mp.

When we know that the A80 already costs 649 euros, you can imagine that the firm will make up the invoice. Even if this means that it is more a top of the range ? If it is offered at 750 euros, it could enter into direct competition with the excellent Galaxy S10e. The competing smartphones to 350 euros will, therefore, probably nothing to worry about…