Sonos will withdraw from its app to its function equivalent to AirPlay

Sonos is going to redesign its app the “On this iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ” for listening on speakers, the music stored locally on their iPhone or iPad. That is to say in direct, not through a streaming service.

Since 2012, Sonos had an equivalent to AirPlay, at the time, paliait the absence of this protocol on its products. His reliability with the latest iOS, however, is not sufficient any more for this function remains, says the manufacturer. He will remove his application in the coming months.

That is not to say that the principle will disappear, one will be able to fall back on AirPlay 2. The use of this method is the simplest. The only problem is that the range Sonos is not compatible with the latest protocol of Apple, it should be a Beam, One, Playbase, Play:5 (Gen 2) or an AMP.

In the contrary case, it is needed by the other methods described in this fact sheet : streaming service, transmission from a computer, from a NAS, etc